Land Surveying


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Alta Survey:

    A boundary survey meeting specific standards and requirements as set forth by, American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). This type of survey is sometimes required by many title insurance companies, it is most often used for commercial properties.


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As-Built Survey:

    A post construction survey showing all-major changes in relation to the completed project. It updates any revisions made. 

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Boundary Survey:

    A survey of a parcel of land as described by a metes and bounds legal description or a lot, block and plat book legal description. It also shows any existing structures as they relate to the property boundaries. 


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Condominium Conversion:

    Condominium plats are usually developed in conjunction with a Development Review Board Site Plan approval process. A Condominium plat may also be developed for the purpose of a conversion of an existing structure (apartment building, commercial center) to a condominium.


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Elevation Certificate:

    Also known as a FEMA certificate, this document identifies the flood and non-flood hazard areas in which a particular property is located. The form also indicates the elevation of the building. The Elevation Certificate is used by insurance agents for the purpose of quoting your property flood insurance rates.

Final Survey:

    A survey of a parcel of land (preceded by a Spot survey) showing all improvements made.

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Form-board Survey:

    A survey where the proposed construction forms are staked out for the builder.

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  Property Line Stakeout:

    Setting wood stakes (or iron pins) along the property lines of a parcel  of land

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Spot Survey:

    Survey of a building under construction showing the foundation as it relates to the property boundaries.

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      Topographic Survey:

         A survey of a parcel of land showing elevations throughout the boundary.

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