Civil Engineering


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KRIS Consultants LLC, implements engineering principals to produce cost effective designs for a wide spectrum of engineering projects. Starting with feasibility studies and preliminary engineering design through final design and construction specification to on-site inspection and construction management services. Our expertise includes the following disciplines:

    Commercial & Industrial Subdivisions

    Roadway Designs and Specifications

    Storm Drainage Design

    Retaining Wall Designs

    Septic Systems

    Water System Designs

    Commercial & Industrial Site Plans

    Multi-Family Residential

    Sewage Disposal Systems

    Residential Site Plans

    Soils Evaluation

    Land Use Permitting

By providing quality services to area clients and appearing before local agencies as professionals for fifteen years, KRIS Consultants LLC has earned a highly regarded reputation for providing complete and professional plans and documents. Our commitment to quality continues today and is evident in products we produce.

KRIS Consultants LLC has made substantial investments in the purchasing of state of the art computer equipment to assist in the design and drafting of plans. This computer equipment is linked to our surveying equipment through a data collector. This process began almost ten years ago and our personnel operating this equipment are now some of the most experienced available.

Our Engineers are familiar with and utilize computerized engineering programs for hydraulic analysis, hydrology, retaining wall design, cost estimating and other tasks. We have prepared numerous plans for a variety of projects including simple driveway crossings, major subdivision and road construction, industrial parks, shopping centers and earth mining operations.


Civil Engineering Services